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One of the most influential trends of the last decade has been the widespread application of digitalisation. In order for a business to remain competitive, it is essential to develop in this area. A particularly good tool for digitalisation can be a tailor-made web application.

The vision of Alias ​​Innovations is to be the number one partner of SMEs in this.

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Alias Innovations Ltd was founded in 2019. Our primary goal in setting up the company was to help SMEs digitise their business processes, and that is why we've embarked on a journey into custom management software development.

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Our first and most important reference is our web application developed for the German Landwärme GmbH.

Landwärme GmbH is one of Germany's fastest growing companies active in the energy market. The company has experienced an explosion in customer growth in recent years, which has also led to an increase in administrative burdens. They have sought to address this challenge by extending digitalisation. Thus, Landwärme asked Alias Innovations to develop a custom platform (Businessportal) with the primary goal of simplifying the data management for their customers. With the web application, they wanted to both improve customer satisfaction and optimise their internal workflow.

Customer satisfaction is reflected in the fact that, following the initial project, we received further orders from Landwärme, so that overall we have also digitised the sales, biomethane certification and energy quota registration.