About our company

Alias Innovations Ltd. was founded in October 2019. Our vision is to provide the software background of business digitalization processes for SMEs, with special focus on unique ERP applications.

The founders are university friends, who all graduated at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Originally, their majors were chemical engineering and physics, however their common passion was software development that they were already able to utilize in their own research areas.

Alias focus turned to the German market very soon and started to work with only 3 developers. During the past years the team have been continuously growing and successfully expanded with exclusively creative, talented colleagues.

Team partying

Meet our team

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Ádám Hajnal

Co-Founder & CEO

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Dávid Lutár

Co-Founder & Team Leader

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Gábor Kovács

Product owner

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Vilmos Takács


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Tiago Tabosa

Software developer

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Richárd Vaszi

Software developer

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Zoltán Zdibák

Software developer

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Máté Somorácz

Software developer

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Soma Garamvölgyi

Software developer

Why work with us?

Because our team...

  • focuses on the clients’ interests and provides continuous consultation,
  • provides fully comprehensive service: we work cooperatively from the planning to the maintenance,
  • adapts to the changing needs due to following the Agile principles,
  • uses the latest technologies on professional level,
  • works promptly and punctually meeting the deadlines,
  • Provides 0-24 support.

And our software...

  • is exactly what the client has dreamed about,
  • transparent and easy to handle thanks to our UX professionals,
  • will be delivered after comprehensive testing to ensure reliability.