Landwärme GmbH

Landwärme is a pioneer in the biomethane sector. They supply hundreds of energy providers and public utilities with biomethane for use in the power, heat and transport sector.

Provided services

  • Business Analytics
  • Software Development
  • Database schema design
  • UI/UX design
  • Cloud Services
  • IT consultation
  • Maintenance
  • 24/7 Assistance
  • Software integration
  • Web design


Landwärme GmbH is continuously represented in Germany's fastest growing companies on the energy market.

In order to handle the extra administrative workload caused by the exploding number of customers, Landwärme was looking for a more digital solution. After careful consideration, they decided for a custom platform to be most flexible under fast-changing legal condition frameworks and to ensure readiness for business growth.

To ensure the highest quality of customer experience, and to optimize the internal workflows, Landwärme trusted Alias Innovations to develop Businessportal that aims to simplify the data provision of the customers.

Together, we have already reformed three of the main business areas - the sales, the biomethane certification and the electricity quota registration processes.

Sales processes

In close cooperation with Landwärme, we analyzed their sales processes and designed the ideal customer communication platform that automates the daily administrative work.

In order to maximize efficiency, we created a data validation system and provided an interface that enables communication with third parties through the web application.

To take Landwärme's customer relations to the next level, we built a marketing system that provides a customer portal feeding relevant content and current information in articles to the users.

Biomethane production

After the successful automatization of the sales processes, Landwärme decided to integrate their biomethane certification and acquisition procedures as well.

We had to deeply understand the complex workflows of biomethane certification and to get familiar with the structures of the biomethane production plants. To achieve that, we relied on the chemical engineering experiences of Alias Innovations' interdisciplinary programming team.

Since the projects can be quite elaborate, we paid extra attention to create the biomethane plant models as flexible as possible. To enhance the productivity, further extensions are planned as well.


Landwärme has been active in the GHG quota market for more than 10 years.

To stay on top, Landwärme's data processing had to be scaled up and administrative processes had to be digitalized. To succeed in doing that and to provide the customers with the most convenient data registration and communication interface, we incorporated a whole new module into the existing application.

This extension enables the customers to register all the documents on a platform customized to their needs and Landwärme to report the validated dataset to the relevant authorities on behalf of the customers.

At Landwärme's request, we implemented a flexible file transfer system to be able to place these sensitive documents in a GDPR safe cloud storage.

What our partner said

The cooperation with Alias was described by a high level of commitment and flexibility right from the start, so that we always got the feeling that our special and sometimes short-term concerns and requirements were also understood in the depth of their complexity and developed into our system by a customised and functional solution.

Not only the technical approach and expertise, but also the pleasant and competent exchange of ideas and interaction on a human level contribute to a positive service experience.

Team-Lead Digitalization & IT
Landwärme GmbH