Custom Software Development

What is custom software development?

Off the shelf software offer solutions for general problems and tasks, while custom developed software digitalize the client’s unique business processes and provide effective answers without any impractical features.

Even though using a ready-made product may seem to be cost-effective, due to their license price and unused functions customised solutions prove to pay off financially. Besides, owing to the digitalization of the work processes business efficiency increases steeply.

For whom do we recommend custom software development?

For enterprises where…

  • the Excel sheets have taken over,
  • dozens of software are used simultaneously because there is not one to fulfill all needs,
  • the increasing number of administrative tasks hinders business development,
  • employees do repetitive tasks,
  • it is challenging to store and organize data.
  • simplified, routinish written communication takes place,
  • different applications need to be connected,
  • manual documentation is a struggle,
  • the industry is too special and no off the shelf software product exists that meets all the needs,
  • it is less cost-effective to update the old software than implementing a new one,
  • systematic, transparent data storage is still a challenge.

Custom software development at Alias

Customer discussion

Business logic analysis and concept creation

As a first step in custom software development, we work closely with our client to analyse their existing business processes and identify opportunities for improvement and automation. During this process, the first intricate mind maps and different user stories are created. The first step is critical, because we believe that the key to success lies in understanding the customer's business and discovering the context!
Project timeline

Creating the software specifications and scheduling

In a second step, we translate the business logic into the language of programmers and collect all the functions that the software needs to know. In the iterative design phase, we help the customer in decision situations by prototyping, then we identify the most effective solutions and select the technologies that best fit their specific needs. At the end of this phase, we identify the major milestones and draw up a detailed schedule.
Developing software

Agile development and testing - hand in hand

The next step is to divide the whole software into logical units, design the database, then elaborate and prioritise the development tasks. During the implementation, we ensure the quality of the application through automated and manual tests, and respond immediately to the partner's changing needs thanks to our agile methodology.
User testing

User testing

After reaching the milestones that have been set, we make the software available for the clients’ internal use and test it manually together. Any new request for alteration is fulfilled thus finalizing the software and preparing it for launching.
Product handover

Delivering the software and training users

The finalized version of the software is integrated into the clients’ system or if needed we configure it on an external server providing a comprehensive DevOps service. In order to help the users acquire all the knowledge about the functioning of the application we organize trainings and hand out detailed documentation.

Maintenance and operation

Regular updates are essential for the smooth and safe operation of all software. We do this for our partners and provide 0-24 support on request.

Why work with us?

Because our team...

  • focuses on the clients’ interests and provides continuous consultation,
  • provides fully comprehensive service: we work cooperatively from the planning to the maintenance,
  • adapts to the changing needs due to following the Agile principles,
  • uses the latest technologies on professional level,
  • works promptly and punctually meeting the deadlines,
  • Provides 0-24 support.

And our software...

  • is exactly what the client has dreamed about,
  • transparent and easy to handle thanks to our UX professionals,
  • will be delivered after comprehensive testing to ensure reliability.

Our tech stack

Python, FLASK, MySQL, RESTApi, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Vue.JS, REACT, Jinja, TypeScript, Nuxt.js, Cypress, Azure