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Presenting improvements

Web application development

Nowadays, to manage business processes and remain competitive, it is essential to have software that is accessible, easy to use and personalised.

A custom web application developed by Alias Innovations can provide an excellent solution.

Developing software

Software development

Our developers take an idea and turn it into a finished, realised virtual product. We choose the technology that best suits the customer's needs. Since we work with agile methodology, it is not a problem if the software specification slightly changes during the process due to the altering requirements.

We also believe in full transparency: we actively involve our customers in the development process, document progress and provide regular feedback.

Worldwide network

API development

In business, the efficient and secure flow of data is crucial, and APIs help us in this field. API stands for Application Programming Interface, in practice they allow existing systems and software to be connected with each other.

At Alias Innovations, we develop customised APIs to enable our partners to work with transparent and standardised data. This ultimately speeds up a dozen workflows.

Giving advice

IT consultation

The communication is the basis of successful IT projects. Due to our industrial experience, we can quickly and efficiently propose IT solutions to business issues. We pay great attention to ensuring that our professional consultations are comprehensible and clear.

In all cases, we start our work with a detailed assessment of the problem. Based on the available information, together with the customer, we develop one - or even several - solution proposals. Once the development process starts successfully, a dedicated specialist is available until the closure of the project to ensure smooth cooperation and communication.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems

In general, the barrier to more efficient business operations is not whether information is available, but the improper storage and processing of it. This is where a good ERP system can help, not only to support day-to-day processes but also to facilitate business decisions and ensure the growth of the organisation.

Very careful planning and strategic concepts are required before implementing an ERP system, as objectives, business requirements and even technology need to be defined. Our colleagues provide full support to ensure the smooth running of the above processes and the development of the right application.

Artificial intelligence

Discovering Business Process Automation (BPA) opportunities

In the majority of organisations, there are jobs, that can be automated. Where routine file movements and robotic data copying occur regularly, huge resources can be freed up by replacing tasks with appropriate software.

By automating such activities, we help to free up unnecessarily tied-up capacity and thus increase efficiency.

Designing database scheme

Database schema design with implementation

It almost sounds trite: `data is the new oil`. Yet it cannot be emphasised enough that the value of storing data properly is in itself enormous. What is more valuable is the information content and knowledge that can be gained from using and analysing the data, for which the creation of an appropriate database schema is essential.

Thanks to our experience gained from previous projects, we can support our partners in the field of database development.

Team solving puzzle

Software integration to customer's own systems

There are a lot of software applications in our daily work too, that we do not want to substitute. Of course we do not expect this from our customers either: based on their needs and possibilities we design the communication between the existing and new software.

During the development we always pay attention to find the optimal collaboration of the different applications. To achieve the successful software integration, we provide continuous and full-scale tests before deployment.

Customer service

24/7 Assistance

There is nothing worse than getting stuck while using the just-delivered software and standing helplessly in front of it, while falling behind on your daily work.

We won't let you down! If our customers encounter any problems, we are available 24 hours a day to solve them!



A successful software development project does not end with the deployment of the application. For reliable operation in production environment, the software has to be deployed with the adequate configuration in our client's infrastructure.

The team of Alias ​​Innovations not only handles this issue, but of course undertakes the regular updating and maintenance of the software solution.

Artist designing

Web design

You could have a cool software toolbox with great complexity, but it is not worth anything if you dont like working with it. Modern, clean design is fundamental for us!

During our creative work, we naturally involve clients, this way we really make their ideas come true.

Inspecting user interface


Nowadays, a software is expected to be easy to use, user-friendly and beautiful at the same time. This requires not only experience and creativity, but also a number of user tests to get the right result.

To achieve this, our team creates prototypes in the conceptualization phase, which help to discover the connections and significantly speeds up the development process.