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Landwärme GmbH

Landwärme is a pioneer in the biomethane sector. They supply hundreds of energy providers and public utilities with biomethane for use in the power, heat and transport sector.

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  • Business Analytics
  • Software Development
  • Database schema design
  • UI/UX design
  • Cloud Services
  • IT consultation
  • Maintenance
  • 24/7 Assistance
  • Software integration
  • Web design
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Landwärme GmbH is one of Germany's fastest growing companies active in the energy market.

The company has experienced an explosion in customer growth in recent years, which has also led to an increase in administrative burdens. They have sought to address this challenge by extending digitalisation. Thus, Landwärme asked Alias Innovations to develop a custom platform (Businessportal) with the primary goal of simplifying the data management for their customers. With the web application, they wanted to both improve customer satisfaction and optimise their internal workflow.

Customer satisfaction is reflected in the fact that, following the initial project, we received further orders from Landwärme, so that overall we have also digitised the sales, biomethane certification and energy quota registration.

Customer discussion

Sales processes

In our first project with Landwarme, the goal was to create a communication platform that could automate everyday administrative tasks. This required, first and foremost, an analysis of their sales processes, which we carried out in close cooperation with the company.

On the basis of the obtained data, we developed an online validation system and an interface that would allow communication with external web applications in order to maximise efficiency. In addition to that, to enable our partner to maintain a high quality relationship with its customers, we have built a marketing system that displays personalised content on the users' own interface.

After three months of joint work and countless negotiations, we successfully delivered the requested Business Portal on time.

Pipe with inputs and output

Biomethane production

After the successful automation of the sales administration, Landwärme decided to entrust Alias Innovations with the integration of the biomethane certification and procurement processes.

To accopmlish the task, we carried out an in-depth analysis of the complex certification workflows and examined the structure of the biomethane production units. The challenge was made easier by the fact that Alias Innovations' staff have a background in chemical engineering.

Given that project structures can be quite elaborate, we paid particular attention to modelling biomethane plants as flexibly as possible. To further increase the efficiency of the certification team, we are currently planning to integrate other processes.

Electric car being charged


Landwärme has been active in the GHG quota market for more than 10 years. In order to maintain its market leadership, it was necessary to speed up Landwärme's data processing and to digitise administrative tasks. This had to be done in a way that provided the most convenient data management and communication interface for its customers. Therefore, a completely new module was integrated into the existing application.

This extension enables the customers to register all the documents on a platform customized to their needs and Landwärme to report the validated dataset to the relevant authorities on behalf of the customers.

At Landwärme's request, we implemented a flexible file transfer system to store these confidential documents in the cloud service they use.

What our partners say about us

The cooperation with Alias was described by a high level of commitment and flexibility right from the start, so that we always got the feeling that our special and sometimes short-term concerns and requirements were also understood in the depth of their complexity and developed into our system by a customised and functional solution.

Not only the technical approach and expertise, but also the pleasant and competent exchange of ideas and interaction on a human level contribute to a positive service experience.

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Landwärme GmbH
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