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Energy Supply

The Future of Energy Supply

This post is a continuation of our article on European energy policy and the state of renewable energies. If you haven't read it yet, you can do so at this link.

In the greening of energy, the most significant role within the energy strategy is played by the RED, or Renewable Energy Directive. This directive sets detailed rules for various sectors, such as construction, biomass management, and energy research. In this article, we focus more specifically on the integration of energy systems and the renewable hydrogen strategy.

Of course, these ambitious plans come with numerous challenges that require the establishment of a robust IT system for solutions.

European Union energy policy

On European Energy Policy and the State of Renewable Energy

Alias Innovation's activities are closely tied to the energy industry, particularly renewable energies (mainly biogas), as we have developed a specific software for this sector and will continue to focus on this market in the future.

The European energy market and its regulation are quite complex, with various decrees and directives that are not easy to navigate. Therefore, in the following two articles, we aim to make all this more understandable. In our first article, we will review the general energy policy and its regulation, while in the second, we will focus on the regulation of renewable energy in a narrower sense.

Judgment Hour

The hour of judgement: the performance review

The following is a continuation of our article The Four-Day Work Schedule, if you haven't read it yet, you can do so at this link.

In this article, we detail the concrete results of the introduction of the four-day working week, supplemented by feedback from employees. Spoiler: we stick to the four-day working week!

Four-day working week

The four-day working week

Work-life balance has become an explicit focus for most employees in the process of choosing a job. Businesses can address this need in a number of ways, such as flexible working hours or home office options. But so is the introduction of a four-day working week.

In our next blog post, we will look at the origins and current uptake of the four-day working week, but also the considerations that led us at Alias Innovations to switch to this working pattern.

If you want to know the background to the four-day working week and how it should be introduced, read on!

Sustainable IT

Sustainable IT

Sustainability is an essential aspect of many areas of our lives and IT is no exception. However, while most of us take care to separate waste or use public transport instead of the car, this approach is less visible and less entrenched in IT. It is therefore important to devote a few paragraphs to sustainable IT.

The following will expand on the concept of sustainable IT, address the concrete steps (energy efficiency, green coding, sustainable procurement, etc.) and how Alias Innovation implements these aspects in its own activities.

If you're curious about a quick introduction to sustainable IT, read on!